Dynamite Terrain Editing Tool

Kayaker Magic, April 2017

See the video demo at https://youtu.be/KQHGW3RTkUk
Buy Dynamite on the Kitely Market here

This scripted object works on OpenSim 0.9 or 0.8, but it REQUIRES Owner permissions, Estate Manager and Threat Level HIGH. Test for these with the Terrain Test Prim which is available free in my Kitely world Fractalis. You can hypergrid there with this address: grid.kitely.com:8002:Fractalis . The full perm script from the test prim is available here. Or you can buy the Test Prim ready to go from the Kitely Market here for a small price.

This seems silly, but anything that makes terraforming fun is a good idea in my book! This is a mesh prim that looks like a stick of dinamite. It is two prims so that I can make the end of the fuse fizzle! When you click on the prim or chat “boom” it explodes with particles and sound. Then it digs a hole in your terrain. Finally, it “falls” down into the bottom of the hole it just made. The hole is a shallow circular dent in the terrain with an optional crater lip. Explode the dynamite several times to dig a deeper hole. Or line up several and shout to get them all to go at once. This is how explosive professionals dig ditches! Or use it to put that crowning crater in your volcano.

In chat you type radius=nn to set the radius of the hole to any integer number. Type lip=off to disable the crater lip. You have to re-enable with lip=on before every explosion if you want the lip to grow higher than 1 meter. Type help at any time to get a list of commands and to find out the current radius and crater lip state. Click on the dynamite prim or say "boom" in chat to make it EXPLODE!

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