Fractal Islands

Kayaker Magic, April 2017

I have a video of an early test at but to get the full effect of these terrains you should come to my Kitely world Fractalis. There you can load up any of these fractal islands, modify them with chat commands, then walk around on the terrain “in person”.
Buy Fractal Islands on the Kitely Market here

This scripted object works on OpenSim 0.9 or 0.8, but it REQUIRES Owner permissions, Estate Manager and Threat Level HIGH. Test for these with the Terrain Test Prim which is available free in my Kitely world Fractalis. You can hypergrid there with this address: . The full perm script from the test prim is available here. Or you can buy the Test Prim ready to go from the Kitely Market here for a small price.

Natural Fractal terrain of a mountainous island

What you get when you buy this is a prim with a script that modifies your entire region into an island with natural mountain terrain. All the data necessary to load your terrain is inside the prim, no external RAW file is needed, you don't have give out your email to get anything delivered or go to a WEB page. The process this script uses is faster than uploading a RAW file and is more reliable. You can save the resulting terrain as a RAW file if you wish, it is real terrain not a mesh. But you will find RAW files are slow and unreliable, best to hold onto this prim and use it again later. Selling the resulting RAW files unchanged is uncool, but you may sell or give them away after making changes to the terrain or including them as part of something else, for example an OAR file.

The island that is generated is automatically scaled to fill your var region, adding more fractal detail at the larger sizes. It will work well up to an 8x8 var region. Several fractal parameters can be changed while loading your terrain: You can make the terrain rougher or smoother, shorter or taller, offset it up or down, rotate it in increments of 90 degrees, flip the terrain east-west or north-south. Every time you request a change like this you have to ask the prim to re-generate the terrain by clicking on it or saying 'gen' in open chat.

There are 14 other islands to explore on Fractalis....

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