Kayaker Magic's Hotspot List

"Find a need and fill it".
I started out with a need: I wanted to know where all the Public Rez Docks were next to the I'z Straits InWorldz. Everyone I asked thought this would be a good thing to have but nobody had this information or a place to put it. Someone suggested that since I asked for such a thing, I had just volunteered to make it! So I did. I made this WEB page to record that list, but I don't know where all the docks are. The solution is Cloud Sourcing! I'm asking everyone to help me compile a list of docks, and other categories of places that you think are interesting.

I built a scripted object called the "Hotspot Reporter". You wear this prim and click on it when you are in an interesting location in-world to add it to a list. That list shows up instantly in this WEB page to help other people find those places. You can also tell the Hotspot Reporter that you 'like' the place you are in (which is used to display them in order of most popular), or give it a short review. Your review shows up on the WEB page with a tally of all the votes for each location.

If you like this list and want to help add new Hotspots, you can get a free Hotspot Reporter by clicking on the giver at my store InWorldz. Or ask someone else who has one, they are free and full-perm so you can give them away. You wear the The Hotspot Reporter on your left hand, it looks like Dick Tracy's 2-way wrist TV, it rewards you for taking it to new places by playing "radio" sounds, emitting lightning bolts and animating your avatar to look at it. If you don't like the way it looks, it is full-perm so you can change it to look like jewelry or anything else you like!

Now you can upload an image for each location! Please keep these images 512x512 or smaller.

A list of Clubs in InWorldz

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ADRENALINE...Where ANYTHING Goes! in Triton(197,230,2991)
(1 likes, map, InWorldz Viewer, Other Viewers)
Blood Dollz - Adult Entertainment Venue in Vodka(34,223,22)
(0 likes, map, InWorldz Viewer, Other Viewers)
Blues Indigo in Lisle Lagoon(97,228,22)
(0 likes, map, InWorldz Viewer, Other Viewers)
Review by Elsie Moon:
Blues Indigo club
The Galaxy Night Club in South Fork(196,182,2498)
(0 likes, map, InWorldz Viewer, Other Viewers)
The Tides in Cove Island(28,231,22)
(0 likes, map, InWorldz Viewer, Other Viewers)