The signup is done in-world!

You can look at and search the Hotspot List without signing up. If you want to add hotspots to the list, the only way to do that is in-world with the Hotspot Reporter. Just owning one, rezzing it or wearing one will automatically sign you up to be an editor of this WEB page. The Hotspot Reporter is a scripted prim you wear and click on when you are in an interesting location in-world and want to add that location to the list. That location shows up instantly in this WEB page to help other people find those places. You can also tell the Hotspot Reporter that you 'Like' the place you are in (which is used to display them in order of most popular), or type in a short review. Your review shows up on the WEB page with a tally of all the votes for each location.

How do you get a Hotspot Reporter? They are free! Just click on the giver at my store InWorldz. You wear the The Hotspot Reporter on your left hand, it looks like Dick Tracy's 2-way wrist TV, it rewards you for taking it to new places by playing "radio" sounds, emitting lightning bolts and animating your avatar to look at it. It is full perm (except for the no-mod script) and you can give it away to your friends if they want one. If you don't like the way it looks, you can change it to look like anything you like!

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