Kayaker Magic's Locator

I build things that can fly off and get lost. InWorldz had the IzStraits, now many OpenSim grids have extensive public oceans: DiscoveryGrid, ZetaWorlds and DigiWorldz are good examples. In these seas an autonomous Flying Dutchman sailing ship, swimming Kraken or flying Pelican can get 1000's of meters away from where I released it. I want to be responsible and keep track of my own things, so I wrote a transponder script that sends position updates to a database. This WEB page you are reading displays the contents of that database so I can check up on my creations, find out where they are and go delete them if necessary. I also have a script that can look things up in-world from the database. If you want to put a transponder inside a creation of yours, I'm working on items to sell in the Chandlery that add these functions to your critters and vehicles.

Note that every time you rez an object, you will get a new copy with a new UUID. So you may see old objects down at the bottom of this list that have not reported for a long time. These are probably objects that have been deleted. When the time since last report is more than a week, they are deleted from this report.

A list of public tracked objects in the Metaverse

NameRegionLocationGridLast SeenActionsLink
Standalone Transponder Panthalassa 323,67,52 Utopia Skye Grid 77    utopiaskyegrid.com:8002/Panthalassa/323/67/52
Pteranodon 3.26 SSWE-01 466,461,51 Utopia Skye Grid 121172400    utopiaskyegrid.com:8002/SSWE-01/466/461/51
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