Kayaker Magic's Locator

I build things that can fly off and get lost. InWorldz had the IzStraits, now many OpenSim grids have extensive public oceans: DiscoveryGrid, ZetaWorlds and DigiWorldz are good examples. In these seas an autonomous Flying Dutchman sailing ship, swimming Kraken or flying Pelican can get 1000's of meters away from where I released it. I want to be responsible and keep track of my own things, so I wrote a transponder script that sends position updates to a database. This WEB page you are reading displays the contents of that database so I can check up on my creations, find out where they are and go delete them if necessary. I also have a script that can look things up in-world from the database. If you want to put a transponder inside a creation of yours, IM me in-world and I'll share some script code with you.

Note that every time you rez an object, you will get a new copy with a new UUID. So you may see old objects down at the bottom of this list that have not reported for a long time. These are probably objects that have been deleted. When the time since last report is more than 30 days, they are deleted from this report.

A list of public tracked objects in the Metaverse

GridNameRegionLocationLast SeenActionsLink