Privacy Policy

To do the job it does, the transponder needs to remember your avatar's name. This freaks some people out, but this is something any prim can find out about you if you own it, touch it, or even walk past it. There is no way for this information to be used to find out more about you, and certainly no way for it to find out anything about your RL person. The transponder code only remembers the last known position and time of the objects it is in. The surveyor does not keep track of everywhere you go in-world. It only keeps track of the places that you report before anyone else does so that only you can edit them on the WEB page. What? You think I am Google and have enough disk space to keep track of everywhere you go? Even if I did have that much disk space I promise not to keep that information. I promise that I will never use the information in my database to send you adds in-world, I will never sell this information to anyone else. If Federal Agents come to my door with a warrant for your information I will be unable to remember what the password to my database was. (Seriously! Every time I create a database, they make me create a new account and password, that gets remembered on the server, I never need to type it in again, I don't remember what they all are, you are going to have to take that warrant to my WEB hosting service in Ohio). On the other hand, Russian Hackers may break into my server and steal this information one day. But as long as you observe some simple security measures, like using a different password than your in-world account or your bank account, this information will not allow them to do much harm.