Terrain Tools Documentaion

I became interested in writing tools to work with terrain in Open Simulator.
Someone should have said: "Bet you can't write just one!"
One thing lead to another and I have a Bulldozer that actually modifies teerrain as it moves, a stick of dynamite that blows holes in your terrain, fractal and cubic island terrain generators. I wanted to sell a general purpose script for generating fractal terrain to order. But it was difficult to find a way to document how to use it. My solution is the link below to Fractal Master: Documentation with pictures, diagrams and exercises you can follow along with. I'll eventually put up a page for each of the terrain tools.

Anybody have a use for a tool that stretches a 256x256 terrain hightmap into a var? With fractal detail between the original points? With smooth cubic curves between the points? how about a tool that jumps back and forth across a region border and smoothes the terrain on both sides so they match perfectly? These are other terrain tools I'm thinking about writing....

Fractal Master, a script that generates natural looking rough terrain.
Smooth Terrain, a script that generates smooth hills, planes and lakes.
Terrain Test Prim. a full-perm test script that evaluates the terrain OSSL calls on your land.
Dynamite, a prim that blasts holes in your terrain with particle and sound effects!
Bulldozer, a driveable prim that builds roads, dykes, embankments and other features into your terrain.
Fractal Islands, in-world prims that load up ready-made rough mountanous terrain faster than you can load a RAW file.
Smooth Islands, in-world prims that load up ready-made smooth terrain.