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I recently moved my store in SL. Changing links in all the marketplace ads and all the notecards was a bummer. I've had to do this before and this is going to be the last time! I'm going to put links to this page in all those places, and links from here to all the places I have in-worlds. If they ever have to change again, I can change them just once here!

And this will serve as an introduction to other grids for people who may only hang out on one so far. Many of the good things you know about in your grid are available in other places. And here is an offer to help you move to a new grid: If you bought any product of mine on any grid, I will give you a free copy of that product on any other grid where I have that same item.

In the Kitely grid:

I have a 3x3 mega region with lots of room for sailing. Go see the herd of Hadrosaurs there and pick up a demo rifle to hunt them with. An archery range with bows, guns and snowball toss to play with. Demo surfboards, kayaks, windsurfers to try out. Finally, I have a Chandlery (a marine supply store for builders) in that world as well. The vendors there accept PayPal and sell items you can export to other grids. Of course I have a store in the Kitely Marketplace, which can sell products for export to any hypergrid enabled grid.

In Second Life:

My store is here now. I also have an Ocean Engineering store in the SL Marketplace.

On the InWorldz grid:

I have shore front property on the I'z Straits with a store there. I also have a Chandlery (a marine supply store for builders) at the Scrimshaw Marina. I moved all the demo sailboats over to the Chandlery at Waihu. The latest addition InWorldz is an Armoury, selling Magic Bullet Weapons that can be set up to work on land without rezzing permissions.

New Release of the MPS Magic Pose System

Kayaker Magic, August 2014.

One of the bug fixes in Open Simulator version 0.8 enabled my Magic Pose System (MPS) to work in OpenSim based grids at last! This is a script that will help you set up poses in your furniture. It builds a menu of all your poses for you, helps you edit that menu, move each of the poses around on the furniture, save the resulting menu and set up your furniture to sell to your customers. A helper prim, sort of like a pose-ball, is moved and rotated to position an avatar precisely. But after the poses are all set up, the helper is removed. There are no pose-balls in your final product. This even works on single-prim sculpt or mesh furniture. As few as one click and you are sitting in the chair. For more information, go to my MPS page watch the tutorials and read the complete documentation.

Living Sails for Sale At the Chandlery

Everywhere you go in virtual worlds you see giant pirate ships parked in the water. These look like sailing ships, but they are just static props. I have a vision to bring all these ships to life! I am now selling a sailboat script kit that can turn many of these props into moving vehicles. And "Living Sails" that work with the boat script to turn with the wind and behave in a realistic way. Of course the same system can be used to build new boats from scratch.

My first sailboat was a sloop with a single mast, a Bermuda sail behind it an a jib sail in front. I considered making my sailboat script more complex and adding more code to handle more sails. But I found a simplifying way to do this: The boat script became simpler, and the sails all became smarter. Just link them onto a boat and they start behaving realistically. You can link as many sails as you want into a boat build and they all come alive. I have 5 different kinds of sails available: Bermuda, Jib, Gaff (with a separate topgaff jib) Square and Junk. All of the sails are single prim sculpts with the parts like the boom or yardarm part of the prim. The Junk sail is a gracefully curved rectangular sheet that you can paint any type of sail on. It ships with a photo-based picture of the sail from a Junk ship in Hong Kong Harbor.

To learn more about Living Sails, come to one of my Chandlery Stores and try out a boat or two built with them! Available in the InWorldz grid and in the Kitely grid.

The Chandlery, a Marine Supply Store for Builders

I am selling intelligent scripted instruments for boat builders in Virtual Worlds. Compasses, a beautiful brass ships binnacle, speedometers, tachometers, anemometers, propellers, throttle levers, a beautiful brass ships telegraph, outboard motors, paddle wheels, brass pipe fittings, brass ships horn and whistle. Several build-it-yourself boat kits that you just link these instruments into and they start working together. Clicking the throttle makes the propellers spin faster, the engine noise increase, the throttle handle rotate, the tachometer needle rise, the boat move faster. When the boat moves faster the speedometer needle rises and the anemometer turns to indicate the apparent wind. These items are sold in a new "Chandlery" store in the InWorldz grid and in the Kitely grid. Come on by to try out some boats made with this system.

Accepting Major Credit Cards in Virtual Worlds!

In the Kitely grid you cannot sell your credits back for real money. You can accept PayPal in the Kitely Marketplace but not at an in-world store (until now). In grids like the OSGrid where there is no economy you cannot set up donation boxes or vending machines at all. I am working an a solution for these problems.

I have a donation box that accepts PayPal donations. It acts a lot like (and looks like) a PayPal donate button from a WEB page. It takes to you the PayPal WEB site on your browser to finish the transaction. This is not for sale yet, I am still testing it in Kitely. Eventually I will sell it for export on the Kitely Marketplace. Drop me an IM in-world if you are interested in this.

I have a vendor box that accepts PayPal payment. It acts a lot like a PayPal "buy it now" button. (So far I do not have a way to add items to a shopping cart reliably from inside a virtual world). I am not selling this vending machine yet. I'm still testing them on my own products in the Chandlery Store on world Panthalassa on the Kitely grid. And so the Chandlery has the PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Discover logos on the door! You can go to that store and check it out on the Kitely Grid.

Many people have concerns about privacy and using PayPal in virtual worlds. This is because PayPal uses email addresses to identify accounts. If you buy something using PayPal the recipient will see your email address on their PayPal transactions list. It is possible (but not easy) to use this to connect RL email addresses with in-world avatar names. It would be even easier for a script to make this connection, so I assure everyone that I am NOT writing my scripts to do this. But the possibility freaks some people out, especially in grids that have other ways to exchange their currency for RL money. But this may be a viable way to do business on the OSGrid where there is no currency.

Cloud Sourcing to index InWorldz Public Rez Docks

Kayaker Magic, June 2013

I love projects that blur the boundary between the Virtual Worlds and the Real World. Prims that post data to RL WEB pages, that send emails to real people, that host WEB pages. That was why I agreed to work on (a small part of) the Gridcache now project.

Here is another project that blurs the boundary: Recently I searched the forums and asked around on the groups at InWorldz if anyone had a list of Public Rez Docks near the I'z Straits in that grid. Nobody had such a list, everyone thought it was a good idea, and one person suggested that by asking I was volunteering to make such a list! Well, I did. I have a server to host this list, but unfortunately I don't know where all the Public Rez Docks are. The solution is Cloud Sourcing! I'm asking everyone to help me compile a list of docks, and other categories of places that you think are interesting.

I built a scripted object called the "Hotspot Reporter". You wear this prim and click on it when you are in an interesting location in-world (like a Public Rez Dock) and it is added to a list. That list shows up instantly in a WEB page to help other people find those places. You can also tell the Hotspot Reporter that you Like the place you are in (which is used to display them in order of most popular), or type up a short review. Your review shows up on the WEB page and a tally of all the votes for each location.

If you like this list and want to help add new Hotspots, you can get a free Hotspot Reporter by clicking on the giver at my store InWorldz. You wear the The Hotspot Reporter on your left hand, it looks like Dick Tracy's 2-way wrist TV, it rewards you for taking it to new places by playing "radio" sounds, emitting lightning bolts and animating your avatar to look at it. The Reporter is free, full perm (except for the no-mod script) and you can give it away to your friends. If you don't like the way it looks, you can change it to look like anything you like!

Besides generating that list of docks that I wanted, this project is interesting to me because the WEB site can be build without requiring that you sign up, create an account, fill in a profile, etc. etc. Because it is tied to a virtual world, the system can uniquely identify you by your avatar. Only your avatar can post hotspots, vote or add reviews. You can use the WEB site to find things without ever logging on. You may see that it has a login button, but you may never need to use that. It is only for identifying yourself if you want to edit something that you entered from inside the virtual world.

Ocean Engineering expands into more grids.

Kayaker Magic, April 2013

The time has come for Ocean Engineering to expand into other grids. I am opening a store in Virtual Highway, Avination, InWorldz, Kitely and demonstrating products on the OSGrid.

Ocean Engineering is best known for a wave and surfboard that have been working in the Open Simulator based Virtual Highway grid for about a year now, and in Second Life for many years. Now surfing is coming to other OS based grids.

See the perma-links at the top of this blog to find my locations in several grids. In Virtual Highway, Avination and Kitely I have a SIM named Panthalassa. (It is a 3x3 Mega Region in Kitely, ideal for sailing!) In InWorldz I hve a mainland SIM named Pomo. In SL I no longer have the Panthalassa SIM, I have moved my store to Port Lux. In the OSGrid I have a set of 6 private SIMs named Panthalassa0 through Panthalassa5 with waves and demo surfboards to try. I am not selling anything on the OSGrid but the surfing is always free on my SIMs there.

Ocean Engineering is the name of my store specializing (mostly) in products for the water in virtual worlds. The waves and surfboards were originally made in Second Life to work off-sim, like off-sim extenders except they move and take your avatar with them. (My motto has been: "Don't give up valuable land to make water to surf on, Surf Off-Sim!") in 2012 I was approached by Tiffany Magic and Marianna Monentes from the Virtual Highway grid. They wanted to bring surfing to their grid and I was able to get my waves working there. Due to missing features in OS the waves could not work off-sim, but land is cheeper in OS based grids, so a wave that only works inside the SIM borders is OK.

The waves and boards move smoothly without SIM physics, so they work reliably in almost any grid. (For the technically curious, I use llSetKeyframedMotion in Avination, and in grids without that function I use llSetLinkPrimitiveParmsFast inside not_at_target). Because I do my own physics, the waves work anywhere. Even if installed thousands of meters above the ground. So you still don't have to give up valuable land to make water to surf, surf next to your skybox!

Everyone seems most interested in surfing on boards, but I also have kayaks and body surfing on the same waves. I have a build-your-own whitewater river, a river raft, inner tube and canoes made for it. The vehicles all work the same way, so the kayaks can ride the river, and the river vehicles can surf the waves. Surfing a 4 meter wave on an inner tube is a blast!

See my video surfing in mouselook mode. Or just go to my YouTube channel to see all the video demonstrations of all my products for virtual worlds.

The WEB home of Kayaker Magic

Four decades of experience writing code in Real Life results in innovative virtual products that exibit complex behavior in Open Simulator based grids and Second Life.